Botley Hypnotherapy


"I went to Ian for treatment of an irrational fear of flying.  I knew that I needed to go on long-haul flights for work and so needed to conquer this fear.  My weekly hypnotherapy sessions with Ian were incredibly effective.  I felt completely safe with Ian as he is both professional and very personable, dealing with sensitive issues with the greatest of care.  The treatment was effective on a number of levels - it resolved my irrational fear of flying and taught me invaluable future coping strategies.  I actually fell asleep on take-off on my most recent London to New York flight, which is testimony to the success of Ian's hypnotherapy.  I am happy to say I am now free to enjoy travel and choose my holiday destination by location rather than flight duration! I would not hesitate to recommend Ian - he is truly fantastic!" Amber L-P


"Ian has made a huge impact on my well being. Ian has a gentle manner and instils confidence readily.  I didn’t find it difficult to relax and felt tally in control at all times.  I would thoroughly recommend Ian."  Julie J


"I had a weight problem which I battled with for years.  Having tried diets and exercise I could not maintain my will power.  I found Ian very understanding, patient and professional.  Since the treatment I have continued to lose weight and find I am able to resist inappropriate food.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to anybody. A very happy and grateful." Sam H


"It has been a real pleasure being treated by Ian and he has helped me enormously.  I have spent many years blocking my own creativity and potential for success.  With help from Ian, I feel capable of focusing on more positive outcomes without sabotaging myself.


Ian has been incredibly insightful and he tailored his sessions to suit my needs perfectly.




I am very grateful for what Ian has achieved and do not hesitate to recommend him.  His genuine, trustworthy and caring approach allowed me to feel completely at ease during the sessions.  Ian has changed my life for good." Katherine B 


Working with Ian has been an absolute pleasure and the best decision I ever made. I had been experiencing a range of issues that I could no longer bear.  This included extreme emotional outbursts, difficulty sleeping, feeling panic and foreboding for no reason which could become sickening, feeling unworthiness and failure - that I could never “make it” in life, being terrified of new experiences, needing to constantly meet everyone’s approval, excessive calorie counting and attacks of IBS.  I felt I had been going mad for years and no-one would understand my so-called “demons”.  


The first time I spoke with Ian, I had never felt so reassured by a complete stranger.  I immediately knew I could trust him and that he may well be able to help me.  I wasn’t wrong! Ian took so much time to carefully and delicately unravel the past events that had shaped me and brought me to that point in life, before taking me through regular relaxation treatments to deal with each cause of my low self esteem.   These sessions have made a huge impact on my life!  The majority of my symptoms have disappeared altogether, the rest have vastly reduced.  When something does happen, I have the tools to manage the situation slowly with certainty.  


I finally feel free! Ian is caring, warm, open-minded, and trustworthy.  I would thoroughly recommend Ian to anyone who has any fears, phobias or difficulties in coping with problems. Lisa W


I would just like to say a MASSIVE Thank you for your excellent service, if I am honest I was a bit skeptical at first as to whether it would work, because nothing else did. But after just the first session I knew that this was going to be one of the best steps I ever take, I was lost for a very long time which caused my anxiety and harsh thoughts,  but I am as good as new, even now I am shocked as to how great I feel. I finally feel like me again. I would recommend your service to anyone, you are an absolutely lovely person which made it easier to open up about everything, I really am entirely grateful! I am ready to conquer the world now, being as strong as ever...a completely different person to when I first stepped in with all the tears. Thank you so much again! Charlie C