Botley Hypnotherapy


All of the following issues can be treated simply and effectively by hypnotherapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:




Being anxious about something can really restrict your life and often it is actually the fear of doing something that is really the issue.




Life can be very stressful and this can come from work or family or circumstances beyond your control.




Having a fear of something irrational can be very stressful and can cause stress and anxiety.




Many people around you will be aware of your irritating habits when often you are not even aware yourself that you bite your nails or have a bad habit.


Fear of Flying or Heights


Tackle your fear of flying which restricts your social life or even prevents you from carrying out your business.  The thought of flying may bring you out in a panic attack or cause weeks or months of anxiety.  Similarly your whole life may be affected by this irrational fear of heights or unprotected edges on bridges.


Self-esteem and Confidence


Increase your confidence and build your self-esteem so you can tackle those tasks or situations you usually avoid like meeting people or going to interviews.


Whatever your issues, Ian will spend time with you to establish the cause and work with you using relaxing hypnotherapy to effect a cure.



An initial consultation is £75 and futher sessions are £55.


Discounted rates are available on request...

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